Designing and building with life - easier now than ever before.

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Print more.


Prep less.

An integrated slicer allows you to focus on the parameters that matter to create a successful print while allowing us to do the heavy lifting of preparing the design file.

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Test more parameters faster.

Well categorization means that you can now vary the parameters on a well by well basis, allowing you to test several variables at once to find that optimum print.

Whether you’re trying to achieve certain rheological standards, build a complex geometry or optimize for high cell viability- you can control it all.

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Protocols you can customize, save and repeat.

The projects feature allows you to create and save digital printing protocols making it easy to replicate and alter experiments week after week.



Don't forget the bioprinter.

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Plug and play bioprinting.

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The most robust desktop bioprinter on the market.

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