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Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a biodegradable thermoplastic used in a variety of medical applications, including bioprinting.

PCL is a thermoplastic polymer that offers enhanced control over mechanical properties of final 3D structures. PCL may be used on its own or printed with matrix bioinks such as gelatin methacrylate. PCL is often used for hard tissue bioprinting such as bone and cartilage.

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Product Specification

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Product Name: BioPCL

Chemical Name: Polycaprolactone

Formula: (C6H10O2)

Average Mw: 50,000

Melting Point: 58-60 ° C

Melt Flow Index: 11.3-5.2 (g/10 min)

Water Content, %: Max. 0.35

Elongation at break, %: 800

Solubility Parameters (δ): 9.34 – 9.43 (cal/cm3 )

Test                                                            Specification

Appearance (Color)                                                        White to off-white

Appearance (Form)                                                        Solid Beads Conforms to Requirements