Allevi 1

Allevi 1



Just big enough to fit everything you want in a bioprinter. Allevi 1 is an affordable powerhouse that packs the entire Allevi experience into a tiny footprint.

The Allevi 1 is the most affordable and easiest-to-use bioprinter on the market.  With temperature control from 4C-200C, the Allevi 1 is able to print cells, collagen, matrigel, alginate, gelatin methacrylate, PCL, PLGA - just to name a few.

Its small footprint and lightweight design means that it is the ideal system for new labs or multiple users. You can easily move it in and out of the hood and carry it from bench to bench.

Key Features of the Allevi 1:

  • Single extruder system

  • Temperature control from 4C - 200C

  • UV (365nm) and Blue Light (405nm) photocuring

  • Autocalibration

  • Small footprint

  • Open system accepts 5ml luer lock syringe

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