Allevi Industries

Your Allevi bioprinter allows you to print and study the body outside the body.


For Researchers

Leading researchers around the world use the Allevi platform to perform game-changing work in the fields of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, material science and cell biology.

They are printing tissues with a wide array of material properties ranging from soft brain tissue to hard bones. The Allevi platform can work with any cell line (plant or animal) and our materials can be manipulated to mimic any material property. Our open system puts the control in your hands. 

  • Tissue fabrication (Soft tissue, hard tissue printing)

  • Multi-cell tissue fabrication

  • Hard and soft tissue multimaterial printing

  • Vascularity and microchannel printing

  • Materials research

  • Tissue research

  • Develop novel therapies

  • Soft electronics and bioelectronics

  • Disease modeling

FRESH printed collagen from Advanced Biomatrix.jpg

For Industry and Pharma

Big and small pharmaceutical companies are turning to Allevi to change the way they test and develop drugs. Three dimensional models are the future of drug development and the Allevi platform was developed for repeatability and high throughput. 

  • Organ-on-a-chip and Body-on-a-chip

  • Micro-physiological systems

  • Drug delivery optimization

  • Drug toxicity screening

  • Personalized drug delivery

  • High throughput screening


For Educators

The ease of use and affordability of the Allevi bioprinters make them the ideal platform for bioengineering curriculum.

Our sophisticated software and online repository of protocols are the perfect jumping off point for students who are looking to take their first steps into the field of regenerative medicine. 

  • Tissue fabrication

  • Micro-physiological systems

  • Soft electronics and bioelectronics

  • Food tissue engineering


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