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allevi bioprinter versatile


From brain to bone - anyone in the lab can use Allevi.

  • Print any cell line

  • Full temperature range on each extruder

  • Print any bioink from collagen to thermoplastics

  • Control every print parameter with Allevi software

  • Open platform for full customization

Allevi advantage bioprinter

The Allevi Advantage

When you join the Allevi community, you’re not just buying a precision engineered 3D bioprinter, you’re gaining years of bioprinting expertise and know-how that accelerates the pace of your discovery. Join us and build with life.

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Easy to Use

Focus on your work, we do the rest.

  • Pre-made protocols for all bioinks

  • Easy-to-follow tutorials

  • Allevi support team to help you along the way

  • Plug & play