Don’t just take it from us, check out what our customers are saying and doing!

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Dr. Guoliang Ying

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Allevi is a great bioprinting company, providing a tremendous amount of useful information for novice and expert users alike. They offer high quality 3D bioprinters, bioinks, software, and technical support and are always working to improve the bioprinting experience.”


Shalini Guleria

University of Waikato

“My project focuses on developing 3D tumour models for breast cancer which will be analysed for histology, molecular genetics and tested with anticancer drugs. The aim is to provide a more reliable model that resembles an actual tumour in comparison to current 2D cancer models. This project is a perfect integration between biology and engineering. I found Build With Life very helpful in terms of knowing about the mechanisms of the printer in more detail.”



Dr. Amir Miri

Rowan University

“As a customer, I enjoyed the combination of simplicity and power in your 3D printer. These two factors made me have fun!“


Bowman Bagley

Advanced BioMatrix, Inc.

“Allevi takes care of their customers. They are willing to take the time to help you diagnose a problem and find a solution.”


Caroline Murphy

Stokes Laboratories, Bernal Institute, University of Limerick

“The printer is very versatile as it allows the user to print a variety of bioinks including customised composite bioinks and also allows for the co-printing with thermoplastic materials.”



Ghada Zidan

Auckland University of Technology

“I would like to appreciate the continuous efforts of Allevi to help researchers easily print with life! I have been in contact with Allevi Support regularly and with their regular guidance and troubleshooting I am much confident now with Allevi 2 bioprinter which will help me print with stem cells soon. Thanks Allevi and special thanks to Allevi Support!”


Rohit Shinde

Lab for Structural NMR Imaging, University of Pennsylvania

“We love the versatility, accuracy, and user interface of the Allevi 2 desktop printer. Our goal is to fabricate patient specific bone, cartilage, and muscle grafts using this printer. The resolution of the printer allows us to print the small, complex structures in these grafts. Throughout our use of the Allevi 2, the team at Allevi has been incredible, providing quick and reliable customer service.“