Vascularization Bioink Kit

Vascularization Bioink Kit


Vasculature is essential to maintaining a tissue’s viability and functionality, however, there are currently no simple ways to create thick vascularized tissue. This vascularization kit enables you to create thick vascularized tissue casted in a hydrogel with any vascular network design. The tissue unit created with this kit can be easily connected to other tissue units and pumps.

The Allevi Vascularization Kit comes with everything you need to easily create vascularized tissue out of the box, including:

  • Allevi chip gasket*

  • Allevi pluronic

  • Allevi GelMA*

  • LAP Photoinitiator

  • 5 mL syringe*

  • 2 x tapered plastic needles*

  • 5 x blunt needles*

  • Syringe coupler*

  • Calibration glass slide

*Item shipped sterile

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