Tropoelastin is the precursor to the elastin molecule.  Elastin is found in many tissues of the body including the skin, arterial walls and ligaments.  Elastin confers strength and elasticity to tissues and organs.

Tropoelastin is not normally available in its native state since it becomes cross-linked immediately after its synthesis by the cell, during its export into the extracellular matrix.

This tropoelastin is produced using recombinant production methods.  The product is supplied as a sterile, lyophilized powder containing 1 mg per vial.  A Certificate of Analysis is available with the purchase of each product.

Tropoelastin is typically used as a thin coating on tissue culture surfaces. Specific instructions are found in the Directions for Use. This product is generally used in vitro as a substrate scaffold to enhance cell attachment, adherence and proliferation.

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