Tissue Layering Bioink Kit

Tissue Layering Bioink Kit

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the extracellular matrix and has been widely used in academia and industry for tissue engineering applications. With Allevi's proprietary CORE™ printhead and the Tissue Layering Kit, you are now able to print and pattern pure 3 mg/mL type I collagen or 8 mg/mL methacrylated collagen. This is the first time that such low concentration collagen can be printed and patterned through 3D bioprinting.

The Tissue Layering Kit comes with everything you need to easily print and pattern cells with collagen:

  • Allevi printing dish

  • 10 mL of Advanced BioMatrix PureCol

  • 500 µL of neutralization solution

  • Allevi 5 mL sterile syringe

  • 2 x Allevi layering tips™

  • Syringe coupler

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