Skin Bioink Kit

Skin Bioink Kit

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Skin is your body’s largest organ. Over the years, the field of tissue engineering has made incredible contributions to medicine by designing skin. These 2D patches have healed burns, diabetic ulcers, even cancer resections. Although there has been great strides forward, the patches are far from what our natural skin is like.

The Allevi Skin Kit provides the ability for the first time ever to create in a simplistic standardized fashion dermis layers and epidermis layers using low concentrations of pure collagen. These layers can include and encapsulate keratinocyte, fibroblast, and melanocyte cells.

The Skin Bioink Kit comes with everything you need to easily print skin patches in your lab:

  • Allevi printing dish

  • 10 mL of Advanced BioMatrix PureCol

  • 500 µL of neutralization solution

  • Allevi 5 mL sterile syringe

  • 2 x Allevi layering tips™

  • Syringe coupler

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