Bone Bioink Kit

Bone Bioink Kit

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Hyperelastic Bone™ is a biomaterial made by Dimension Inx composed of > 90% hydroxyapatite, the same mineral found in teeth and bones. This bioink is printed at room temperature, dries quickly, and can be seeded with cells post-print.

Hyperelastic Bone™ offers several unique advantages over existing hard tissue biomaterials. It can be printed at speeds greater than 20mm/s, nearly a 10X increase, making it perfect for high throughput research. Despite being mostly mineral, it remains flexible, making it very user friendly.

The Hyperelastic Bone kit comes with everything you need to successfully print bone from your Allevi bioprinter:

  • 3 mL Dimension Inx Hyperelastic Bone™

  • Allevi 5 mL syringe

  • Metal drawing needle

  • Printing needle

  • Allevi printing dish

Protocol included with purchase.

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