Conductive+ Tissue Bioink Kit

Conductive+ Tissue Bioink Kit


This research grade 3D Graphene by Dimension Inx and previously featured in and on the cover of the journal ACS Nano, is now further accessible through our easy-to-use tissue kit.

3D Graphene (3DG) is a biocompatible, conductive material utilized for printing electrically stimulated tissues such as cardiac, skeletal muscle and nerve, as well as biocompatible circuits. 3DG is printed at room temperature and can be seeded with cells post-print.

The conductive tissue kit comes with everything you need to print conductive tissues:

  • 3 mL Dimension Inx 3D Graphene

  • Plastic syringe

  • Metal drawing needle

  • Metal printing needle

  • Print dish

Protocol included with purchase.

Safety data sheet.

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