The Allevi Academy

Cutting edge biotechnology for tomorrow’s leaders.


The Allevi Academy is a series of courses that empowers teachers to educate students on the principles and foundations of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. Each course includes a lesson plan with teacher notes and answers along with student labs and activities. Courses also include bioinks and consumables needed to run experiments for the entire class.

3D bioprinting teaches problem solving while preparing students for a high tech, growing field.


Real World Applications

3D bioprinting is a growing field that is infiltrating and altering the world of tissue engineering and biology. Learning how to create 3D models, design experiments, and use a 3D printer puts your students a step ahead in the world of STEM.


Hands on

Students get the opportunity to brainstorm, design, and create 3D structures. The Allevi 1 can print a wide range of materials - from soft hydrogels to hard thermoplastics, giving the instructors and students the opportunity to conduct any experiment on this platform. 



Our curriculum is suitable for any age group. Using the Teachers' Edition, Instructors can include additional areas to modify experiments and customize difficulty level.

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