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Allevi FAQ

1. How do I download the software?

Allevi's software is online and does not require a download! You can access the software at bioprint.allevi3d.com. Detailed instructions can be found in the user manuals above or via your Getting Started page.

2. Where is my serial number?

For the Allevi 1, 3, and 6, your serial number is on the back of your bioprinter. It can also be found in your onboarding email. Contact the Allevi Support Team below if you cannot find it.

For the Allevi 2, put the name of your lab for the the serial number field in the software form.

3. I forgot or want to reset my username and/or password.

Instructions for recovering or resetting passwords can be found in the User Guide on page 31 for Mac users and page 32 for Windows users.

4. How do I design files for printing?

Print files are .gcode files that start as .stl files, usually made using computer aided design (CAD). There are many CAD softwares available. We have additional information on CAD and gcode preparation on our Build With Life forum.

Files can also be found at the these sources:

Biomedical STLs

General STLs

5. Why don't Allevi bioprinters have a HEPA filter and shield?

We have intentially designed our platform to not have HEPA filters and shields. Practically speaking, when bioprinting, there will be interaction with the print area and biomaterials prior to performing your actual print. Anything less than a biosafety hood is inadequate for preventing contamination. Instead, our bioprinters are easily transportable and sterilizable to go into the hood when ready for use.

6. How do I print in multiple wellplates?

With Allevi bioprinters, you can print in 6, 12, 24, or 96 wellplates! In the software, select your desired wellplate type and calibrate to the first wellplate. Our software will automatically replicate the uploaded gcode file across all wells.

7. How do the crosslinking light percentage and intensity correlate?

For the Allevi 2, view a helpful graph here.

8. Can I print below room temperature with my Allevi Bioprinter?

The Allevi 2 and earlier models do not have cooling capabilities, but printing in a cold room achieves the same result. However, the Allevi 1, 3, and 6 can print as low as 4°C!


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