What do my bioprinter's lights mean?


Your bioprinter comes with a bright stage light for improved viewing, but different colors can indicate different printer statuses. Here’s everything you need to know!



If you just powered on your printer, yellow lights indicate it is currently booting. These lights should turn off after 30-60 seconds.

Yellow lights can also indicate a software update. Depending on Internet speed, this could take up to 30 minutes.

Pausing a print will turn on yellow lights. They will turn off after resuming.



Your printer is autocalibrating. The lights will turn off once it is done.



Your printer was set to a pressure higher than the supplied pressure from the air compressor. Your printer will stop trying to reach that set pressure.

Increase your air compressor’s supply pressure and try again.

Turn your stage light on and off to remove the red light.

Madeline Winter