Ear Example Print File Design


Below is an example "BWL" letter (standing for "Build With Life") file for printing, along with  parameters for printing this file with pluronic.

Print Files

Print Settings

Use these suggested print settings to fabricate this structure with pluronic. These settings are designed for a faster print and lower resolution than our normal suggested print settings with pluronic.

Speed (mm/s) Layer Height (mm) Nozzle Diam (mm) Gauge Pressure (psi) Print Temp (C)
6.0 0.2 0.6 30 gauge 0.25" 80 25

File Preparation

First download the file and load it intio repetier host.

  • Upload the slicing parameters to slic3r. From these starting parameters, you can adjust needle size, layer height and print speed. 
  • Slice and then save your gcode file
  • Upload your file to the Allevi Software and print!