Allevi Software Introduction


Below is an introduction to the Allevi interface. Watch the video or read below to learn how to use all the great features in this platform to build with life! If you are using an older version of the software, please email [email protected] for instructions or help.


Allevi Projects

Allevi Projects Tab is where you are able to create and log all experimental data related to your print sessions. Create a new project to begin a new print session and track any experimental outcomes related to this print session.


To begin a new project, click on the three side bars, then select “New Project." Next, enter a title for your project and a short description of the project.

create new project bioprinting.png

Next, click the + button to add a new entry to your project. Here, you can add data sets, descriptive paragraphs, images and prints. First, let’s review prints.

add print entry bioprinter software.png

Allevi Prints

After selecting “Allevi Print” from the entry window, a new window will pop up. Enter the name for your print.


Next, select a device to connect to for your print.

select boiprinter.png

After selecting a device, select the well plate type you plan to print with. We always suggest testing any new print first in a petri dish, then working towards smaller well plates.

well plate selection bioprinting.png

Next, select the extruders you plan to use for this print as well as the materials and needles for each extruder.

select materials and extruders bioprint.png

After extruder selection, select one or more wells in your well plate to dictate the print design and print settings for that well. With this new platform, you will be able to create different print settings and files for various well plates!

well plate selection bioprinter.png

Upload an .stl or custom g-code file next and select print settings for the .stl. See this next post for more details on slicing parameters.

create new slicing profile bioprinter.png